Best Detroit Tours

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Art & Architecture Tour

​​​​Tour with an Artist's Eye©

 "Tour buildings that show you a deep history of Detroit. Take home a piece of building.”


​Houses of Worship Journey©

​"Check out buildings of faith and see how people of Detroit worshipped. Take home a symbol of faith.”


​Bones and Bowls: A View into Detroit History©

​​“See history in the items if what is going to be left behind. Take home souvenir from the gift shop.”

​City & Neighborhood

​​A Roadmap of Detroit Excursion©

​“Look into who and what makes Detroit. Take a piece of the culture with you whether it’s a cheesecake or a piece of the road.”

​Taste of the D

Taste of the D Tour©

​“You can take a bite out of Detroit through the foods you taste. Take home a cheesecake.”

​Ethnic Neighborhood Tours

​​A Cultural Pizazz Outing©

​​“Take a tour of the different cultures that make up the lifeblood of Detroit. Bring back a picture or an article of clothing to remember the occasion.”

4th of July

Independence Day Tour©

​“See the fireworks across the Detroit Skyline. Have a hotdog to celebrate our freedom.”


​Ghouls, Ghosts, and Galloping Horseman Tour©

​“Have a spook-tacular halloween with us, as we visit the most haunted places in Detroit.”


​Holiday Lights Journey©

​"Look across the snow-covered roads and see the Christmas lights reflect off the metal sheen of high-rise buildings on this Christmas tour.”


​Gobbling Turkeys Tour©

​“Become a turkey gobbler with all the fixings as we tour across Detroit.”

​Underground Railroad

Tours of the Underground Railroad©

​"See how the Underground Railroad expands across the Motor City.”

​Prohibition Tours

A Sip of History©

​“See where rum-running truly began. To honor those long traditions, have a drink on us at the end of this tour.”

​Historical Abandoned Buildings and Ruins Tour 

​Ruined Ruins & Buildings Expedition©

​“Look into the buildings that were once full of life and are now haunted by history. Make sure to take a piece of the ruins with you.”

Trains & Railways
All Aboard!: Train Tracks through Detroit©
“Check out old and new train stations that crisscross through the Detroit. See how cars weren't the only reason we go the nickname Motor City. ”

Brewery & Cocktails

Epic Ales in Detroit©

“Look inside and see how craft beers are made. While there try a drink on us.”

​Boats & Bridges Tour

​Anchors Over and Under Bridges©

​​“View Detroit from the top of the bridge or from the deck of a boat.”

​Murals & Gardens

Smell the Roses Tour©

​​“See the beauty in nature, whether it’s from the gardens of Detroit or the murals across the walls of the city.”

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